I like to think that I have a healthy and organized life. And although I am a chronic patient—I have this condition called hypothyroidism—I rarely forget to buy and take my meds. I usually refill my prescription as soon as I run out of pills. Sometimes I use Siri to nudge me; other times, my partner reminds me to buy them as soon as we pass by a pharmacy.

But one stressful month at work, was just enough to forget to buy my birth control pills by the day I had to return to my treatment. Not really a biggie, you must think. Yeah, everyone forgets to take their meds every now and then. It turns out that resuming this treatment was way harder than expected. No, seriously, go check those instructions, it truly is inconvenient.

Low patient adherence or compliance rates are a real health problem. Yes, those are the fancy terms doctors and health professionals use to say that you are not taking your meds as prescribed. People don't remember how to follow their treatments, they overlook refilling their prescriptions, or they simply forget to take their meds. And as insignificant as it might seem, not following the prescription has real consequences on both your own health and the healthcare system.

Technology can help us make better choices. By keeping track of meds and treatments we can improve our behavior, so we can take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. We can't remember everything, sometimes we need help, and that's ok.

That is why we are building Re. To give you control of your medicine intake and help you better understand why you are taking them.

Nerea Marta,
Co-Founder and CEO.