Re - Never forget to take your meds again.Manage all your treatments.Do not run out of stock.Keep track of your medicine intake.No annoying constant notifications.Everything is private by default.

Never forget to take your meds.

Re is a new personal app that helps you keep track of medicines and treatments, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Temporal or chronic, complex, or simple. We got you covered.

Multiple medication support for each treatment, variable intake frequencies, rest periods, cycles, and of course, helpful reminders. Regardless of how complex your treatment is, we got you covered.

Manage all your treatments.

Do not run out of stock, much less in the middle of a treatment.

Manage both your "take as needed" medicines — PRN — and the ones for your current treatments. With stock control, expiration alerts, intake registry, and accidental overdose prevention, now you can handle your medicine cabinet like never before.

Do not run out of stock.

Remember the meds you have to take, and the ones you have taken.

The medication intake history helps you browse between current and old treatments, medication changes, dose increases or decreases, and trends on "take as needed" medicines. Easy to remember and easy to share with your physician.

Keep track of your medicine intake.

No disruptions. No distractions.

Constant notifications are really annoying — and in the long term — they became useless. Re’s effective and respectful notification system will only trigger when you are about to miss your dose.

No annoying constant notifications.

Of course, we’ll keep it private.

No cloud, no personal tracking, nobody is looking over your shoulder. Even reminders can be aliased, so nobody knows what meds are you on every time your phone buzzes. Everything is private by default. Everything stays between you and your device.

Everything is private by default.

Available in beta late 2020

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